This page will help guide those persons that have decided to be of service on the District 8 Call Center.  Our GOAL is to be available for anyone who needs help to stop drinking. 

Some of the Reasons People Call the CALL CENTER/Hotline:

              ~They need help to stop drinking. 

              ~They need some support and are already in the A.A. Program.

              ~They looking for an AA meeting in their area and/or when they are out of town.   

              ~They are curious about what other services AA provides.

              ~They are looking for treatment services.

              ~They are calling for a friend or family member.

              ~They may be an A.A. member, who has relapsed.

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LINKS TO A.A. Literature (Pamphlets)

Click here to access  Pamphlet

“A Newcomer Asks.”

Answers to 15 questions that those new to Alcoholics Anonymous frequently ask about getting sober in A.A.

Click here to access Pamphlet.

“Is A.A. for You?”

Lists 12 questions to ask yourself if you think you may be an alcoholic. For those who think they may have a drinking problem.


Click here to access Pamphlet  

“It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell.”

This illustrated pamphlet presents the experience of seven incarcerated alcoholics who found A.A. and got sober while in prison. Staple-less for distribution in correctional facilities.

Click here to access Pamphlet

“This is A.A.- An introduction to the A.A. recovery program.”

An introduction to A.A.: describes who A.A.s are and what they have learned about alcoholism. For all who think they may have a drinking problem.