Our first speaker for area 48

She has an amazing recovery story! Enjoy!!!!

Tara C. from Woodstock N.Y

Speaking at the Oneonta Mens Group

Red Door Church, Walling Street. Oneonta, N.Y.

last friday of the month open male and female speaker


            Adam T.

from Los Angeles, CA speaking at Aberdeen Wednesday Night Group’s Soberstock Roundup in Aberdeen, SD – 2008


                      Bob Earl      Headtrips

Classic AA Speaker tape from 1980 called “Vulture on the Bedpost” but it is most often referred to as “Headtrips.” It is one of the most listened to Alcoholics Anonymous speaker tapes of all time.


       Sandy B     Spiritual Priciples 2002

Sandy has done many great speakings all over the u.s.!!!


                                 JOHN KEEFE

JOHN KEEFE from Chino Hills California talks at the Dynamics Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Anaheim, CA August 23, 2003 46 years sober at the time of this talk it’s a short talk but worth listening


                        Clancey I.

Clancy I is a well known AA Speaker and runs the Pacific Group in Southern California.


                      Susan P  Austin texas

Wonderful talk by a great AA speaker, Susan P. This was the first time I have ever heard her share her story and I have to say it was incredibly moving. She has a wonderful enthusiasm and passion for the program, as well as a deep level of understanding about her illness, and alcoholism in general. This is a great tape! 🙂


                           Annie P.  El Paso

Also known as Irish Annie ! Enjoy her style!!!!


                            Clancy I

Venice CAexplains that Alcoholism is a Disease of Perception


       a song for A.A.

          Thats why I’m Here….. Kenny Chesney

 This song has a special meaning to it. It’s all about

an A.A. meeting.


           Shotgun Mary

                   Manteca CA. Aug. 1992

          With a name like that it’s a must hear!!!!!!