How to Get Your VOICE Heard? By Kae S, Nancy C, & Linda B

The 71st General Service Conference ~April 18-24,  2021 virtual this year.  Agenda items will be discussed and voted on by the Delegates, representing the United States and Canada.  Let’s dive into importance of YOUR vital role.  This all begins at the group level!  

Outlining the Process

  • Start with the Questionnaire, this was developed by Tad J, Panel 70 Delegate.  Your GSR  should share this  QUESTIONNAIRE with your Home Group.
    In Tad’s wordsHaving received the full agenda…it is well over 1300 pages long… In order to get YOUR input and the Group Conscience, I have prepared this Questionnaire.”
  • Ways to Share the Questionnaire-Adapt suggestions below to VIRTUAL or LIVE get-togethers.    Suggestions: Potluck, Business Meeting, email, mail, etc.
  •  After the Questionnaire is complete -GSR passes the information onto the delegate.
  • Delegates Role-Takes the questionnaires from all the Area GSR’s and reviews them, to assist Tad  in making an informed decision to share at the conference.

Our Service Manual tells us that the Conference is “the time when the collective group conscience of U.S./Canada A.A. comes together to take actions that will guide the groups in the years to come.”