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The link above is where you can find the Joe and Charlie tapes, movies and many speakers that will help to understand that the alcoholic is a very sick person indeed!!!!!!!



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A.A. Area 48 HMB

                      HMB Area Web


Communication with the General Service Office (G.S.O.) of A.A. in New York City


                              A.A. Grapevine


                            A.A. Calendar

AA Slogans and Quote’s

Alcoholics Anonymous Slogans and Quote’s


                    Over 400 A.A. Slogans





       Bill Wilson Videos and movies


Office position guidelines

this is a PDF file of all the positions of

service guidelines. If you are wanting

to know about your service commitment

or if you need help with a specific question

this may help you decide who to send your email too.

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