KEY Take-Aways from the 71st General Service Conference  & Area 48 SPRING ASSEMBLY


  • Fifth edition of Big Book to be developed including updating stories.
  • 5th Edition to include a new forward, updated preface and expand Appendices III and V.
  • Revise p. 117 in 12&12: replace “opposite sex” with “partner.”
  • 12&12, Step 6: Sentence that includes “lustful enough to rape” — change to “No one wants to commit the deadly sins of anger, lust or gluttony.”
  • Pamphlet on AA for the Black and African-American Alcoholic —to be updated since 20+ years old. 
  • Twelve Traditions Illustrated pamphlet not to be retired. Update to be titled: “Experience has Taught Us: Our Twelve Traditions Illustrated.” 
  • 12&12: Traditions long form to be included in chapter at end, and kept at back of book. 
  • Sponsorship — same sex sponsor suggestion removed. Revised to refer to avoiding romantic entanglement. 
  • Approved 3 new Big Books — 5th edition, 4th edition Spanish, and plain and simple      language versions. Plain and simple language version, to be gender neutral and get rid of overtly Christian tones.
  • PREAMBLE Verbiage Change:  Remove “fellowship of men and women.” Change “men and women” to “people.” 

Proposal # 1 — Service Manual Update:  Purpose: to standardize and simplify manual — contradictions, and add in requested changes E.g., instead of 3-5 years of sobriety, change to 3 or more. PASSED

Proposal #2 — District 20:  A virtual district for those who choose to join. PASSED 

Proposal # 3 — Change Area name from HMB to NENY (Northeast NY) PASSED