OUR Meetings are returning to FACE to FACE!  DISTRICT 8 Members are conducting Outreach, but we need further accuracy, and your help! We have lost a few groups, some have changed their time or space. PLEASE send US your HOMEGROUP MEETING INFORMATION! 

OUR GOAL is to create an updated printed schedule, which will be updated to our DISTRICT 8 WEBSITE & the CALL CENTER.

ALL MEMBERS , especially the NEWCOMER deserves  an accurate and updated printed MEETING LIST. The Meeting List will include links to all  online and hybrid meetings.

We have set a DEADLINE for all updates is AUGUST 14th. The plan is to have our updated MEETING LIST in time for our September District Meeting which will be a face to face, and possibly hybrid.

Send info by email to:  GEORGE F, District 8 District Committee Member:  

or JAMES R, District 8 Records





KEY Take-Aways from the 71st General Service Conference  & Area 48 SPRING ASSEMBLY


  • Fifth edition of Big Book to be developed including updating stories.
  • 5th Edition to include a new forward, updated preface and expand Appendices III and V.
  • Revise p. 117 in 12&12: replace “opposite sex” with “partner.”
  • 12&12, Step 6: Sentence that includes “lustful enough to rape” — change to “No one wants to commit the deadly sins of anger, lust or gluttony.”
  • Pamphlet on AA for the Black and African-American Alcoholic —to be updated since 20+ years old. 
  • Twelve Traditions Illustrated pamphlet not to be retired. Update to be titled: “Experience has Taught Us: Our Twelve Traditions Illustrated.” 
  • 12&12: Traditions long form to be included in chapter at end, and kept at back of book. 
  • Sponsorship — same sex sponsor suggestion removed. Revised to refer to avoiding romantic entanglement. 
  • Approved 3 new Big Books — 5th edition, 4th edition Spanish, and plain and simple      language versions. Plain and simple language version, to be gender neutral and get rid of overtly Christian tones.
  • PREAMBLE Verbiage Change:  Remove “fellowship of men and women.” Change “men and women” to “people.” 

Proposal # 1 — Service Manual Update:  Purpose: to standardize and simplify manual — contradictions, and add in requested changes E.g., instead of 3-5 years of sobriety, change to 3 or more. PASSED

Proposal #2 — District 20:  A virtual district for those who choose to join. PASSED 

Proposal # 3 — Change Area name from HMB to NENY (Northeast NY) PASSED